Rates & Services


Bartender On The Go Rate $40 per hour per bartender needed, 1 hour Set up time and 1 hour clean up time, if any additional person are needed discuss at time of consultation.

  • If Bartender On The Go is providing the liquor pricing will be discussed and agreed on upon consultation.
  • Bartender On The Go will send licensed and insured bartenders out to you (A suggestion 1 bartender per 50 guest)
  • After the Beverage Menu has been made Bartender on the Go will have extra resources available for “Just In Case” situations
  • Bartender On the Go will make your special events easier on the host and take some of the stress of planning out of the way.
  • By booking with Bartender On The Go you can make a plan ahead of time and leave the rest to us!


Bartender on the Go provides services to make your event a success, take a look at our services and choose the options you need.

Bartender on the Go will have open lines of communication to make sure all your service needs are met and your event is a success.

Contact Information

Phone: (704) 390 – 6856

Email: Info@bartenderonthego.com

P.O. Box 26572
Winston Salem, NC 27114