How many Bartenders do you need?

We suggest 1 bartender per 50 guests.

Do you need servers as well?

According to the amount of guest at your event, you may choose to add servers to your package, so everyone can enjoy a clean worry-free event and the host or hostess can entertain without the worry

What is the Beverage Menu?

Choose the different types of Wine, Beer, or Drinks from Classics to Signatures

Who is responsible for the purchase of Beverage Menu?

The host or hostess is responsible for purchase, Bartender on the Go can pick up and deliver different bar party needs to make less work for the host or hostess

Do you have a theme?

If there is a theme event Bartender on the Go will provide signature drinks that flow with the atmosphere of the theme

Are Signature Drinks available?

Host or hostess will decide on signature drinks at the time of consultation with Bartender on the Go

Do you need Glassware?

During consultation the host or hostess will decide to provide their own or choose from options from Bartender on the Go

Who does Clean up?

After an event Bartender on the Go will clean all bar areas used for event if servers are sent out as well server will clean the service area as well (A hour of Clean up time is added to your invoice, if more time is needed it will be added in addition to previous price)

What is the Dress code?

Bartender on the Go dress code is Black long sleeves button down shirt, Black slacks, black non slip shoes

Will tip jars be allowed?

Bartender on the Go will provide Glass Vase tip jars, classy and blends with all themes

What if I need the bartender to stay longer than the hours I requested?

Overtime pay is time and a half paid at the completion of the event